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About Us

Vintage Studios was originally founded by John Lane, and has been in continuous operation under several business structures since 1991. We were the first company in the USA to offer iron furniture built out of repurposed and salvaged materials on a large wholesale scale. We have designed, built, and sold well over 100,000 pieces to date. Most of the architectural consoles seen in magazines, movies, and on TV are ours, or are copies of our original designs.

Whereas the artifacts we interpret are from all over the world, we do all of the construction in the USA, mostly in North Carolina. Many of our most popular designs are displayed on this website, and every design is original. If another artist or corporation is selling the same design, it was copied from us. We are best known for inventing and perfecting the design and scale of the modern gate-front console.

We also do custom design and manufacturing using all new materials, so please feel free to contact us concerning custom work.

We used to design and build custom homes also, and therefore we have a good working knowledge of scale and how pieces are used in residential and commercial spaces. We have always stayed true to our wholesale roots, and we haven’t raised our prices since 1991. You’ll be surprised how inexpensive we are. John Lane’s primary goal has always been to keep Americans working, not “getting rich” off of any one piece.

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